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Yoyo Jam USA Tour Part 1

Feb 10
Yoyo: How to bind by Harry Houdini download:!.wmvthe best video to learn how to bind! 

Yoyo: How to bind by Harry Houdini 


the best video to learn how to bind! 

Feb 10

The Glass Lab Experiments - Experiment 004 - Doctor Popular

Experiment 004 - 5:29min, 320 X 240, released 04/20/2001 Sometime around the middle of March, Doctor Popular  sent me about two hours of raw footage and asked me to put together a video for him. You are about to see the outcome! This video has it all: See Doc in the Disco Redroom. Catch a glimpse of the elevator that leads down to the Underground Lab. Underwater yo-yoing? Underwater Solid Loop Diabolo? You bet. Plus a section to help you learn Doc’s latest and greatest tricks. This project has taken over a month of editing in the glasslab. One of the biggest challenges for me was the music since I pieced everything together for this one… the beats, the scratching, the dialog, the sound effects, etc… Hope you like it. DIVX(59.4MB)

Feb 9

Feb 9

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